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John Freeman, Director of Photography

"Whitney delivered a great performance when I was on set with her. A fantastic combination of personality and a professional demeanor was a given for a talent like her, but what really made her stand out was her ability to deliver genuine emotion while receiving a good amount of pressure from her director. We were running out of time, the director needed brilliance now and she stepped up to the plate without faking it. She was in the moment which at least for me is what makes a good actor."


David S. Dawson, Director/ Producer/ Co-Host

"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Whitney for the past five years on multiple projects as her Director, Co-Host and as a fellow actor. Whitney has an incredible amount of dedication to her roles and to her craft. As a director I am alway impressed with her attention to character and detail. She puts in the work to really understand the context and the motivation of a scene and of a character. I am always pleased with how well she takes direction and truly works collaboratively with her director and her fellow actors to get the best out of every scene she is in. As a co-host of The IntelleXual Podcast and of the Jump Start A Life Telethon she always brings a kind heart, intelligence, and a quirky sense of humor to our interviews and our banter. For five years Whitney has been my favorite collaborator in all of my creative endeavors."


Sue Vicory, Director

"I have worked with Whitney on projects over the past 10 years. She is a consummate professional. Her skills and talents are broad ranging from acting to editing. I would not hesitate to collaborate with her again in the future. "


Clarke M. Smith, Director/ Producer

"We were shooting a new film, and everyone in the cast were people I’d worked with before - with the exception of Whitney. I had never met her in person and was only familiar with her work. She was immediately in tune with our project, and we very quickly hashed out her character, and what the scene was about. She is an excellent listener, and what I love about her is she intently takes the direction, fully understands it, and then takes it to a new level, making the character her own. Trust me, her own spin she’ll add to a role is always going to be a good thing. A sheer pleasure to see her bring a character on the page, to life."


Jennifer N. Linch, Director/ Producer/ Actor

"Whitney is The Producer’s dream to work with. She showed up on time for fight scene rehearsals and was ready to take the pain for fights. She showed up on time on set and got along great with the cast and crew. Her performance is wonderful for my feature film and I can’t wait for the audience to watch her more and more each day to come."


Justin Hyne, Director/ Producer

"I first worked with Whitney back in 2019 when we took on the 6 Shooter Film Challenge Part 2. The challenge was to make 6 short films in 6 months and not only did she act in two of the films, but she was instrumental in casting actors for the other roles. She also helped a huge amount on production and planning. On set when things got tough she was the first to pick up the phone to find a solution. Her attitude has gone over and above on every occasion I’ve worked with her and she’s been a great supporter of everything we’ve done. She has been professional throughout, but equally fun and part of the core social to keep spirits and energy alive, which is so crucial in the film industry. I will definitely be working with her again and highly recommend everyone else does too."

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